About the Company

Quality performance

The ideal throughput (RFT) is 99%

Estimated time for delivery

93% performance

Production capacity

(144 million boxes) 36,000 tons

About our company

Truepack for Packaging Solutions is a limited liability company owned by Shoukry El Zenouki who is one of the founders of El-Zenouki Group which was founded in 1964 and has over 60 years in business, including six brands in different industries. True Pack was established in 2014 with the intention of fulfilling an integrated packaging solution through a wide variety of offset FBB and Flexographic outer packaging, covering the packaging needs of all the members of the group and more than 100 top customers, and now exporting to 7 countries. Truepack is leading the way with the most innovative and top-end printing technologies, with a sales value of 230 EGP million, which equates to 144 million boxes every year.

CEO speech

Thank you for your interest in TruePack. I invite you to discover more about what we do, how we go about it, and what we can offer you. You’ll find that we are more innovative than you might expect.

We want to delight you with innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. You deserve the best from us, and that influences everything we do.

Your success is our success. Leading brands around the world rely on our high-quality products and services every day. This makes us proud, and we’re conscious of the role we play in protecting and preserving the things that matter.

We are passionate about performance and unfolding the true potential of our employees.

Delivering value to our customers is always top of mind. TruePack is also your company, so feel free to give us your opinion.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more. We’d be delighted to show you how we touch millions of lives every day.

Ibrahim Zenouki
CEO Truepack

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The most important thing that distinguishes us

Our focus is on selecting the best materials to suit customers’ needs without sacrificing strength, print quality, productivity or efficiency. We will best meet the needs and requirements of our customers to help them thrive.

Our vision

Our continuous investment in the latest technology helps us provide innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. in primary packaging operations

Our mission

Our mission is to enhance the efficiency of the printing and packaging experience for the company’s customers, And to meet the expectations of each customer and his customized needs in order to reach the best companies for printing and manufacturing cartons locally and globally by providing the latest technology and the best experience for the supplier / partner.

Our partners