Quality Matters

As we all know nothing is accurate 100% although our company work on Zero defect strategy but if any happens we listen and react accordingly , endeavoring to enhance the procedure in order not to repeat it again
GMP Good Manufacturing Practices are followed at our site
Truepack is officially certified by ISO 9001:2015.
Manpower are always trained and motivated to raise their skill level because we believe that there are our main strength.
Truepack is powered by the latest laboratory technology with includes 12 different testing machines which allows us to control every method in the company.

Full Control Process

It is our priority to build long-term relationships with our customers and drive your business to even greater heights. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system allows us to have a fully controlled, automated Processes, starting with request for Quotation (RFQ), sample , raw material , warehouse , corrugated automated line , converting paper into board, to printing, to cutting, to folding, then palletizing, strapping and wrapping, until it is shipped.

Customized Design Consultation

Looking for a custom corrugated package or for opportunities to lower costs on an existing product? Our experienced packaging engineers excel at creating innovative and efficient corrugated solutions. Using the latest software, our engineers are able to take an idea from concept to reality, with exceptional results.
At Rex Carton we consider the entire life cycle of a corrugated package when designing around our customer’s products including production, transportation and storage. Our package engineers utilize software to optimize package design and pallet patterns, and bring designs to life with our CAD sample making machine within seconds. We ensure quality and satisfaction by providing customers with completed samples.

Need assistance on a project? Let us help.